Hi, my name is Lisa Berg and I am a Health and Fitness Coach working on my own journey.  I am a happily married mom of 3 great kids!  I am grateful to be able to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) and be a Coach right from my living room!

My husband and I were married in October 1999 and honestly weren’t very focused on eating healthy and exercising.  I was a hairstylist and worked full time on my feet all day along and I was one of those girls that didn’t wear comfortable shoes.  Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home and didn’t focus on myself like I should.  Which when you think about it, the beauty industry does go along with the fitness industry in that both are in the business to look good and feel good.  I did not feel good!  Then I started having kids and that put on more weight and I was really starting to feel frumpy!  I didn’t like feeling frumpy, but being overweight, trendy clothes didn’t look good on me anymore.  When my kids were little, I started going to the gym because they had a daycare I could use.  But I didn’t give it my all.  My nutrition was not in check, so my working out didn’t make much of a difference.  At my heaviest I was a size 18, I have no idea what I weighed, but it was close to 200!  When I got pregnant with my 3rd baby, I was sick for the first 3 months and lost 15 lbs in the first trimester.  Then I only gained 20 back before I delivered.  I felt pretty good after having baby #3, and was down to a size 14.  In the following 2 years I worked harder in the gym doing 2 classes a day (1 hr each), but still my nutrition wasn’t great.  I did get down one more size to a 12.  When my little one was 3 and going to preschool I wasn’t able to go to the gym like I was before.  Around the same time I was introduced to Shakeology.  I joined Beachbody as a Coach just for the discount on Shakeology.  Soon after I realized that being a Coach was keeping me accountable and I decided I wanted to share the products I loved and help others achieve their health and fitness goals!  Using Shakeology and the awesome workout programs from Beachbody I have gone down another size, almost 2!!  Our family is the healthiest we have ever been.  My children have enjoyed working out, running and also love Shakeology all because my husband and I have started to be the healthy role models we should be!  They are starting to try new healthy foods and are excited about being healthier.

I am still on my journey and I would love to help you start your own journey!  Contact me if you would like more information!  CoachLisaBerg@gmail.com

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