Life Changing!!

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Becoming a Beachbody Coach has been life changing for me as well as my family!!  I have learned so much about health, nutrition and fitness and I love that I can share that with other people!!  Our country has a huge problem with obesity and I love being on the front lines of trying to fix that problem!!  Now I am not going to tell you that I eat PERFECT, because I don’t!  And I am certainly not at my goal weight YET, but I am so much closer than I was 2 years ago!  And I am in better shape now and have incorporated so many healthy things into my diet, I feel fantastic!!

I have learned to LOVE working out and have taught my kids that working out is fun!   I didn’t grow up in a family that worked out.  I didn’t play sports as a kid.  As an adult I have learned the importance of exercise and found the types of workouts that I ENJOY so that they aren’t a burden.  Because my children see my husband and I go to the gym, run or do workouts at home, they have become very interested in exercise!  They run at school, the are excited about doing some 5K’s with us, they love playing sports and they like doing workouts a home.  That is probably one of the most rewarding things for me!!

As far as nutrition, I truly LOVE my Shakeology and have been drinking it for 2 years.  It has replaced the vitamins I took regularly and it keeps my system regular.  My body can feel it when I miss a couple of days and I take it with me when I travel.   I also learned a TON about food when I did the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.  I learned to replace so many everyday things with healthier choices and they stuck after I was done!!  I still refer back to the recipes on a daily basis.  Now I will be totally honest, I don’t eat like that everyday, but I do eat better now because of it!  It definitely was life changing!!  I do believe that you do have to enjoy yourself sometimes and enjoy some of the foods you love, but MODERATION is the key!!

I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and have made some life long friends!  I love finding like-minded people who help keep me on track!

Coaching has been a great way to keep me accountable, to make sure I am making healthy choices and keeping up with my workouts.  My challenge groups are also a great way to keep myself on track while I am helping others make healthier choices!  And the best part is that you don’t have to be in perfect shape, you don’t have to be at your goal weight to start and you don’t have to be in the fitness industry to be a Coach.  You can start at any point in your journey and invite people to join you!  Not everyone can relate to the PERFECT person.  Some people can relate better to someone who struggles like they do and can admit that they aren’t perfect!  But it IS a great opportunity for someone who is already in the health and fitness industry because it gives you more resources to help your clients or group fitness participants on their fitness journey.

I am very excited to be taking a leading role with my team and my partner Kim.  We are the Fit & Fierce team and we would love to have you join us!!  If you would like to learn more, please email me at and I would love to tell you about it!  It was one of the best decisions I have made!  If you already know this is right for you, JOIN MY TEAM!

If you are interested in joining our Mission:SlimPossible fitness challenge friend me on Facebook and let me know!!

Let’s keep working on ENDING THE TREND OF OBESITY and paying it forward!!

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