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Les Mills Combat for Pre Order Oct. 1!!

So excited about the PRE ORDER of Les Mills Combat for at home use!!!  This is an awesome program for couples so if your looking for something to do with your spouse/significant other, this is a great one!!!

Starting October 1st, you can preorder this program from Team Beachbody Coaches only.  I will post a link on October 1, but if you want to know more or be email when it is available, email me at  I am not sure of the price yet, it might not be available until Oct. 1.  Pre orders get FREE SHIPPING and it will be delivered before Christmas!!

What makes LES MILLS COMBAT so awesome?
Never thought you’d ask!

  • LES MILLS COMBAT is the first home-based mixed martial arts–inspired workout program designed to get you a lean, chiseled body—in just 60 days!
  • LES MILLS’ trainers Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham are fearless leaders! As experts in a great number of martial arts disciplines, they will teach you, challenge you, inspire you, and keep you accountable in your quest to unleash your inner warrior—and build an outrageously strong, sexy body.
  • All of these fat-burning, strength-building martial arts sequences have been carefully choreographed to some of today’s most popular, energizing music—motivating you through the highs and lows of the workout, and driving you to achieve your absolute best results!





Had a great family weekend in Chicago! My older two kids have birthdays in Septemeber and instead of doing birthday parties, we took them for a weekend in Chicago! Lots of walking, shopping and eating! Yes I did enjoy some of the fabulous food in Chicago, but we did walk 5-10 miles each day and Saturday I did fit in a 2 mile run! We only had 2 meals each day with a snack in between, so we didn’t over do it too bad. But I believe that the changes I am making are life long changes and if I want to enjoy a weekend out of town and enjoy some food, I am not going to stress. You have to be able to enjoy life and be able to enjoy the things you love once in a while or your just going to go crazy. Today is Monday and it is a fresh start! Ready to get back to the grind and back to working hard! Hit the gym this morning and had my Shakeology for lunch!!

Date Day


Had a great day with my husband today! Headed up to our cottage to get some yard work done while the kids are in school. Also got in a 4 mile run on our favorite path! Trying to keep each other accountable!!

Don’t Give Up!!

Don't Give Up!!

If you have a bad day with eating or not getting your workout in, do you just give up? Do you say ‘forget it, I already messed up’? Don’t give up on yourself!! Everyone has days where we just don’t make the right decisions, but you can’t give up. Tomorrow is a NEW day to get things right!!! Forgive yourself and do better!!

Work in Progress!

Working on getting this blog up and running!